A well defined business branding strategy is crucial to maximising the value of your business and Bate Design’s methodology commences with an audit technique which analyses economic, demographic and the powerful industry or market factors to prepare a positioning statement.

From here opportunities are identified and logical solutions evolve.

Implementing an appropriate response to deliver increased customer or market recognition leads to enhanced visibility in the marketplace and benefits which flow through in economic terms.

Bate Design is fully experienced in both creating new or refreshing existing corporate or business branding.

1. Improve your Brand Offer – Brand Re fresh

  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Creative graphic & image development

2. Expand your Brand Offer – Brand marketing & Communications

  • Venue branding
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Graphic design services
  • Point of sale, signage & wayfinding
  • Marketing & collateral
  • Advertising & promotions
  • Website design
  • Issues management, PR, Social Responsibility messaging
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Activation