gaming services

Bate Design has achieved significant experience and expertise in complex environments of gaming lounges, hotels, sports arenas and racing venues.

This is an activity area where both official licensing requirements a well as the need to provide a congenial consumer experience are also foremost.

Our inputs in the design, approval and implementation of gaming aspects are designed to provide a significant experience as well as a point of difference in a competitive marketplace.

Please refer to our Hotel, Club, Recreational, Residential and Racecourse project listings for testimonials of our significant profile and achievements in these important sectors.

1. Improve your Gaming Offer

  • Assessment of your current offer
  • Maximise your gaming potential
  • Improve and enhance your patron gaming experience
  • Player comfort and security
  • Gaming room design and decor
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Industry trends and developments
  • Signage and merchandising

2. Project Manage your Gaming Redevelopment

  • Gaming room layout design
  • Project manage your gaming redevelopment works
  • Minimize gaming down-time
  • Liaison with VCGR and other authorities
  • Maintenance and issues management

3. RSG and Authorities

  • Responsible Service of Gaming compliance with VCGR, other authorities and codes of conduct patron comfort and respite.